The ETA Batting Cages located in Las Vegas is a state of the art indoor batting cage facility .  Our batting cages are built to give you a true pitching or hitting environment like no other.  If you are looking to advance your abilities at the plate or on the mound ETA is the one that delivers.

Hours of Operation

Monday  -Friday 2pm – 9pm        

Saturday 10am – 4pm 

Sunday 10am – 5pm

Our Batting cages are great for your day to day training and practices or for your Team training events.


Hitting Instruction

Hitting a baseball sounds easy but when you are trying to put a good swing on the ball it takes technique and skills to optimize your swing for maximum results.  We will teach you approach to every pitch.

Pitching Instruction

Pitching is not rocket science but the proper delivery and location is key to a great pitcher. Evan Gruesel will teach you the proper way to pitch from coming set on the bump to creating the proper approach for maximum results.

Agility Instruction

Every sport requires you to be flexible and fast. Sam Sadovia teaches players how to develop more speed on the bases and on the field. Taking your game to the next level requires some serious muscle development.